Does Instagram Notify You of Screenshots Taken by Someone

Notifications create some type of excitement on the inside, especially when one finds out they have gained new followers on Instagram.

Often, we are curious to know the progress of our shared content. Some of us to to an extent of calling our friends to ask them if they viewed what we just posted on our IG.

Other times, we take the extra mile of posting on other social media platforms of a new post alert. The major question is, will I be notified if someone takes a screenshot of my Instagram content? Make sure you check this article for detailed information on the topic

 Privacy and Security

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The Story of CSS Grid

CSS grid layout or CSS grid is a method that was built to make the work of web developers easy. It allows web developers to create simpler layouts that are easy to make and understand across different browsers. There are many other methods that allows user to control the web page layout but none of them has the ease and consistency as the CSS grid. It has made the life of web developers a lot easier. Even though the CSS grid is only a recommendation but it is still being used by majority of the browsers. If we compare this method of aligning the web page with other methods it is a lot more useful because with the help of CSS grid you can create more asymmetrical layouts. The major thing that all web developers need is the access to run a layout across browser and that is what CSS grid does. It allows users to create better layouts and gives more standardized codes that work across browsers. It makes the work of web developers a lot easier and better. The other method similar to CSS grid is CSS float but in that method you have to use float and positioning which makes it harder and complex but in CSS  grid system there are rows and columns which makes it less complex to design web pages without having to use float and positioning.

Story of CSS grid

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How to build an Asset Pipeline with Gulpjs for any WebApp

Asset Pipeline has become popular thanks to Ruby on Rails which implements it nicely out of the box. In this post I will explain what an asset pipeline is, how you can easily implement it without using Ruby on Rails and why you should consider using it in building a webapp.

What is Asset Pipeline?

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Function called myClosure(): Probably the Simplest Way To Learn It

Don’t worry, closures is not a complex concept to learn if you break it down into small parts as I’m doing here. What I usually do to keep things in my mind for good is to sketch up a mind map. Yep, a mind map like this one above that has the central subject in the middle and several branches off it. Each branch is a small part of the central subject and this drawing you see is similar to how our brain store information, therefore, it’s a great way to study things.

After this small introduction to mind maps, let’s start with this interesting subject: closures.

First of all, what’s a closure?

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A few tips on how to work better with Arrays in JS

If you’re like me who always end up using for loop to do any operation involving arrays, you should probably have a look below at some “hidden” methods available in ECMAScript5 (the current version on Javascript) to work with Arrays.I say “hidden” because these functions I’m going to show you are available for a while in most of the browsers but most of the people haven’t heard about them or haven’t used them yet.Below are some functions ordered by how frequent I’m likely to use them. Continue reading

HTML5 pushState and Single-Page apps

Imagine the situation where you have a single-page app. You start playing around with it and after some actions you decide to click the back button from the browser to go back to a previous state.

Do you think your app is prepared for it?

Dealing with browser history can be a headache specially if your app rely on Ajax calls or you have a single page app. Users love using the back button and developers hate it.

The problem with the browser history in Single-Page applications is that the browser is not able to keep track of the states of your application, differently than the traditional multi-page app where every state is usually bound to a different URL.

So what can we do to let users use the back button and at the same time make sure your application won’t break?

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Javascript ES6: Learn important features in a few minutes

The next-generation of javascript also known as ECMAScript 6 (also called ES6 or Harmony), is bringing us lots of amazing features that you probably will need to know. But instead of you spend too much time learning and researching all of the features I separated a few that I felt are the ones you’ll be probably using in your daily basis.

Don’t worry if you are new to javascript or you’re coming from a server-side language, I believe this is the best time to learn it as ES6 has a much cleaner and friendlier syntax, known as sugar syntax.

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