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How to build an Asset Pipeline with Gulpjs for any WebApp

Asset Pipeline has become popular thanks to Ruby on Rails which implements it nicely out of the box. In this post I will explain what an asset pipeline is, how you can easily implement it without using Ruby on Rails and why you should consider using it in building a webapp.

What is Asset Pipeline?

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HTML5 pushState and Single-Page apps

Imagine the situation where you have a single-page app. You start playing around with it and after some actions you decide to click the back button from the browser to go back to a previous state.

Do you think your app is prepared for it?

Dealing with browser history can be a headache specially if your app rely on Ajax calls or you have a single page app. Users love using the back button and developers hate it.

The problem with the browser history in Single-Page applications is that the browser is not able to keep track of the states of your application, differently than the traditional multi-page app where every state is usually bound to a different URL.

So what can we do to let users use the back button and at the same time make sure your application won’t break?

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