CSS grid layout or CSS grid is a method that was built to make the work of web developers easy. It allows web developers to create simpler layouts that are easy to make and understand across different browsers. There are many other methods that allows user to control the web page layout but none of them has the ease and consistency as the CSS grid. It has made the life of web developers a lot easier. Even though the CSS grid is only a recommendation but it is still being used by majority of the browsers. If we compare this method of aligning the web page with other methods it is a lot more useful because with the help of CSS grid you can create more asymmetrical layouts. The major thing that all web developers need is the access to run a layout across browser and that is what CSS grid does. It allows users to create better layouts and gives more standardized codes that work across browsers. It makes the work of web developers a lot easier and better. The other method similar to CSS grid is CSS float but in that method you have to use float and positioning which makes it harder and complex but in CSS  grid system there are rows and columns which makes it less complex to design web pages without having to use float and positioning.

Story of CSS grid

The CSS grid was implemented by Microsoft Edge on October 17th 2017. It was a major thing because now all the major browsers support this incredible layout. In the beginning this layout technique was not created for web designing, it was created just to create a view of the document on the screen but later as people got to know about the uses of this great technique it was used by many web designers. Many forward thinking web developers began to use CSS grid as they know how useful and easy it is. It allows you to design across browsers due to which it is now being used by the majority of web developers.

Uses of CSS grid

CSS grid is a method that is used by the web developers to design a web page. It is used my many web developers because it is extremely easy to use and provides better functions as compared to other techniques. It is a grid based layout which includes rows and columns that makes it easier and simpler to design web pages without having to use float and positioning. Using float and positioning can be extremely complex and might disrupt the layout as more things are added into it.

Other web designing techniques do not have rows and columns in it and that is what makes it difficult and complex. As CSS grid has rows and columns it allows the designer to align elements into those column and rows which is a lot easier. There is no disruption of data and no positioning is required once the data has been added into the layout. The CSS grid is extremely useful because it moves the web forward. It helps the designers to use newer and better formats while designing a web page.