Making a YouTube video is a lot of work, but it takes guts to want to hit a lottery on the first attempt. You might need a huge talent stack to ace anything in life after the first attempt. But it’s not impossible to make a good YouTube video. You may have the above tools in your kit but lack the knowledge of them. But once you uncover it, it becomes a superpower that you have never imagined.

The best way to think about your best and still first YouTube Video is to look at a great piece of writing. Look at the books you can read over and still not get bored about it. It’s not that they say something new or something you don’t know about. It is that they have written and re-written those parts so many times that good just had to come out of the part.

The same thing applies to your first attempt to make your first YouTube video amazing. If you are really bad, you will notice after the first attempt at creating that Video. You will just see the result is improved after every retry.

Apart from this method and the concept of having a knack to knock out viral videos, you will need to have extra tips and factors to take into consideration. Here are some that you might need:

A hook

This is what is commonly known as an introduction. In the beginning, you might use your name and follow with what the video is going to be about. Once you get comfortable with this, then you might find a unique way of doing it. Getting a hang of it will make it natural and make sure that you are consistent with this hook. It will reap great benefits in the long term.

Arrange your ideas

Ideas are what matter, but the sequence is the thing that you should focus on most. You can have a great idea at the beginning, but if you don’t know how to orient them, it will feel like you are trying to force them onto your audience. This will make your audience retaliate against what you are trying to say. In most cases, you will not be able to lead the conversation and might even doubt what you are about to say.

Start a series

To make a truly amazing video is no easy feat, but there’s a way to create a hook in the mind of your audience. That’s why we insisted on creating and recreating the content over and over. That way, you will refine it to its best form. Once you have this down, then you can have the attention of your audience. You can proceed to produce more of what you had at first. This will develop momentum to move towards the direction of growth. Which is a critical aspect of a YouTube channel.

Care about the equipment you use

Good content can be the best SEO, but if you have the wrong equipment, you may look like you don’t care. But maybe that’s not the case. If you are starting, then just have a good phone and phone stand, and you will not regret a thing. Also, you will not waste time recording again and again.

Watch out for the quality of sound

It’s easy to neglect such minute details when you are starting out, but it pays off in the long term. It’s better to start recording in a way people can clearly hear what you are trying to say. That way, you will be communicating better and seem confident about what you are saying. A good start is to use voice recorder apps on your phone. Download them from the Google Store.