Have you ever taken a close look at your car and noticed paint chipped? At times, we rarely notice when paint chips off immediately until sometime later. It is also easy to avoid some things that make your paint chip, such as parking lot collisions. Knowing how to follow the parking lot lines saves you the cost of maintenance.

Below are some things that damage your car paint, and you should be on the lookout for them.

Scrubbing the paint surface with a rough material

Just as cleaning paint on a concrete wall with a rough material causes paint to chip off, the same applies to a car. When cleaning, avoid cleaning materials with rough bristles that can cause the paint to chip off.

Cleaning a car is not such a hard task unless you work on a farm and have stubborn mud stains. Even under such circumstances, however, you should use a soft material to clean any dirt on the car surfaces and rinse off any soap residues.

Cleaning goes a long way in using mild products to clean the surfaces and avoiding corrosive detergents. Use detergents made specifically for cleaning cars instead of dishwashing soaps and laundry soaps.

Parking lot collisions

Imagine parking your car at a shopping center only to come back and find one side of your car has scratches from another car. Ensure you leave enough space by following the parking lot guidelines to avoid having scratches on your paint.

This is also applicable on the road during traffic or rush hours. Some people are not as patient and can use any means to ensure they get to their destination on time. Always maintain a reasonable space between your car and the adjacent one.

If you are not sure of how to park your car without colliding with the next one, ask for assistance or park in an open space.

Parking in the sun

The sun emits a lot of ultraviolet rays that cause paint to swell and eventually chip. Always be on the lookout for parking your car in the sun for long hours. If you lack shade, park under a tree or invest in a good cover.

The sun also has bleaching effects that make the paint fade off with time. If you have solid colors such as silver gray or navy blue, they tend to become dull when exposed to the sun for very long hours.

Poor quality paint covers

If you purchase paint that is cheap, it is likely to give you services you will not be satisfied with. Always go for professional products and above all go for a professional to help you with the application process.

Ceramic coatings have a good impact on your car paint and save you the expenses of having to go for repair or maintenance costs.

Seek professional help, especially from the company you bought your car from. Click here to learn more about car paint.