TitleNotifier.js - The lightweight browser notification library

Last weekend I launched an open-source javascript library to help other front-end developers to easily implement browser title notification. This is the TitleNotifier project page if you want to check it out.

This is a lightweight library (less than 3kb) and dependency-free, it means you can implement in any webpage, it doesn't matter whether you use jQuery or not. I feel that there are no reasons for such a simple library to be jQuery dependent.

TitleNotifier.js has a very simple and intuitive API, it has only 4 methods. So it couldn't be easier to get started. In the github page you can find the Getting Started guide and in the project page you can see the live demo.

For this project I decided to use Evidence.js for javascript unit testing, since I saw a few other well-known open-source libraries relying on it. It's unfortunate that evidence.js has not been updated for years (the last commit was in 2009). Later on I noticed qunit seems like a good alternative for javascript unit testing. Both of them are lightweight and simple to use for small projects. And you, what unit test framework would you recommend me?

If you have any suggestions for improving TitleNotifier, please feel free to fork it and make a pull request with your changes.

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